Nutritional Approach

Supplements / Adjuvants / Neo-Adjuvants

Natural compounds have a role to play in a holistic, multi-targeted approach to restoring health.
Certain natural compounds have demonstrated the ability to target metabolic and signaling pathways within cells with minimal risk and toxicity.

Moreover, combinations of specific natural compounds have demonstrated combinational-synergy, with each compound enhancing the effect of the other.
The combination of the natural compounds incorporated in KOfactor1 is supported by proprietary experimental data from the labs of KoDiscovery in addition to the existing scientific literature.

KOfactor1 has been demonstrated to work synergistically by affecting a multitude of cellular mechanisms


  • Enhance apoptosis (cell death)
  • Reduce energy substrates available to cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.
  • Inhibit the cell cycle
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Restore chemosensitivity


Luteolin, a naturally occurring flavonoid, has a robust amount of experimental data both in vitro and in vivo revealing a variety of anti-cancer mechanisms. 1,2,3,4 Rutin, also a naturally occurring flavonoid, has strong evidence demonstrating its ability to enhance cancer cell death by upregulating the genes involved in apoptosis and those involved in arresting cell-cycle progression.5,6,7 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a polyphenol naturally occurring in green tea, has been extensively studied for decades for its anti-cancer properties.8,9 Proprietary internal data obtained from in vitro experiments by Young Ko, Ph.D., and colleagues, at her KoDiscovery lab, have demonstrated a synergy in killing cancer cells when Luteolin, Rutin and EGCG are combined in a specific ratio. KoFactor1 contains this proprietary ratio of luteolin, Rutin and ECGC aimed to maximize benefit.

About Young Ko, PhD and her background on Developing New Products

Young Ko graduated with a master’s degree in Nutritional Physiology from Iowa State University in 1985. She, then went to Washington State University where she graduated with a Master’s degree in biochemistry in 1989 and a PhD in Biochemistry/Biophysics in 1990. Immediately after receiving her doctorate Dr. Ko moved to Baltimore and entered the Laboratory of Professor Peter Pedersen, at Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine (SOM), as a postdoctoral researcher. Professor Pedersen had a unique background; he had been a post doctorate researcher for the reknown Albert Lehninger, who, in 1948 (along with Eugene Kennedy) made the profound discovery that the cellular organelles now called mitochondria are the site of oxidative energy production; thus, ushering in the era of modern Bioenergetics. As Lehninger’s star researcher, Professor Pedersen eventually obtained his own laboratory at Johns Hopkins University, SOM where he began to research the bioenergetic changes that occur when healthy cells transform into cancer cells. In doing so he reignited an antiquated and largely forgotten thread of research started by the Nobel Prize winning German biochemist, Otto Warburg, who, in 1924 first discovered that cancer cells had a distinctly dysregulated metabolism which came to be known as the now well-known “Warburg Effect”. Upon entering Professor Pedersen’s lab, Dr. Ko immediately appreciated the importance of his research and the vast potential of developing drugs designed to target the Warburg Effect. Significantly, while working in the Pedersen laboratory Dr. Ko discovered a chemotherapeutic agent that targeted the Warburg Effect with extraordinary efficiency. This anticancer technology is called KAT (KoDiscovery Anticancer Therapeutics). Today, in a collaborative effort with NewG Lab Pharma, Inc., KAT is soon to enter clinical trials at several locations around the globe.

In addition to developing novel pharmaceuticals, Dr. Ko over the course of her scientific career has retained a passion for researching the latent potential within natural products to influence cellular physiology in a therapeutic manner.

“The fields of Nutrition and Metabolism are my passion. I’ve always been fascinated by how what we eat influences our body, specifically, believing that certain natural compounds in plants are medicine. This is why animals instinctually know to eat herbs when they are sick. The compounds in herbs influence our epigenetics and metabolites in a specific way. Knowing the details of how each specific compound interacts with our bodies is critical. That’s why we only recommend certain natural compounds for certain conditions and for a certain amount of time.” ~ Dr. Young Ko

Inspired from decades of passionate research , through a collaborative effort between NewG Lab Pharma and Dr. Young Ko, we are pleased to announce the creation of the KOfactor supplement line. Each KOfactor product consists of a novel combination of natural products selected to target specific cellular processes with mechanistic cohesion. Also, each KOfactor product is inspired by nature and guided by careful research that reveals the incredible potency of nature’s own pharmacy.